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Rock Steady Boxing Virginia Beach

This non-contact boxing program uses the fundamentals of boxing to help with balance, hand-eye coordination, agility, strength and endurance. The exercises associated with this program target the symptoms that people with Parkinson's disease experience on a daily basis.

Empowerment Wellness
Empowerment Wellness

PWR! Classes

PD-specific skill class to help maintain or restore skills that deteriorate and interfere with everyday movements.

Virtual Urban Poling (Nordic walking) Class:

Urban Poling, aka Nordic Walking, has shown to have many benefits such as improvements in stability and mobility.  This online class designed to help improve core strength, posture, balance, confidence for walking, and endurance.  Class will include exercises incorporating the Activator Urban Poles in the seated and standing position.  Class is designed for people living with Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart disease, Diabetes or just balance issues in general.  

Empowerment Wellness

MS FIT! Classes

Group exercise class to help fight back against Multiple Sclerosis. Class focuses on functional movements to help with strength, endurance and overall wellness to help ease the symptoms associated with MS.

Nutrition Services

We have partnered with MaxWell Nutrition, LLC to help you meet your nutritional needs! Find out what foods are the most beneficial for you and how you can optimize the best diet with your medications! She offers a variety of services and will even prepare a meal plan to help take the stress of what to buy!

Empowerment Wellness
Empowerment Wellness

1:1 Training Sessions

Sometimes you can't do it alone! Let us help you reach your goal, whether it be to reduce symptoms, gain strength, or just overall wellness! Sometimes you can't do it alone! Let us help you reach your goal, whether it be to reduce symptoms, gain strength, or just overall wellness!

Class Descriptions

Parkinson's Disease Group Classes

75 minute classes 3x/week that focus on the symptoms that people with Parkinson's Disease deal with on a daily basis.

60 minute classes 2x/week that emphasizes PWR! moves on the floor, on all fours, seated and standing.

Multiple Sclerosis Group Classes

MS Fit!

60-minute classes that consists of stretching, cardiovascular and resistance training, functional training and flexibility exercises. These classes are designed to help increase stamina, strength, energy, movement and overall quality of life.

PD and MS Combined Classes

Tai-Chi studies have shown these programs are effective in helping to prevent falls. It is low impact, weight bearing, and aerobic. It helps improve physical condition, muscle strength, coordination and flexibility. Other benefits include improving balance, decrease risk for falls and help improve sleep!

Strengthening activities designed using hand weights, bands, and bodyweight. The goal is to increase the weight in the exercises to help build strength and muscle mass.

Small group cardiovascular conditioning program that is based upon research conducted on the effect of regular, intensive cardiovascular condition to help manage the progression of neurological conditions. Benefits have shown to improve cognition, balance, and overall brain health. Class will use various equipment such as the treadmill, bike, elliptical and other equipment to help build a progressive program overtime.


Empowerment Medical Clearance (PDF)

Member Information (PDF)

PDQ_39_ Questionnaire (PDF)

2020 PR-Q+ Questionnaire (PDF)

Empowerment! Schedule-2 (PDF)

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